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Here's To Love, Laughter & Happily Ever After!

Updated: May 16, 2020

Weddings will be changing for the foreseeable future and while the way we celebrate them may be different, the very essence of the day remains the same, it's about love.

You have envisaged this day for so long and now that vision is changed. It doesn't mean your day is going to be any less special, in fact it means it will be even more momentous. Marrying the one you love, your best friend, and celebrating that marvellous occasion with your loved ones and friends, is all you need.

Image By Broken Spoon Cakes

Sometimes Great Gifts Come In Small Packages

My husband & I had a small wedding of 50 guests. One of the foremost things that has stayed with me from the day (other than my husband :)) is the fact that we got to meet & chat with everyone on the day. It was a very relaxed and intimate day with all the guests mingling with each other and enjoying the banter. Having a smaller number also allowed us to incorporate more personal touches to the day and really show how much we wanted everyone to enjoy the day with us.

Image By Broken Spoon Cakes

If you do find that you have to change your numbers from 180 to 60 then what do you do?

Have a consultation with your venue and see what your options are. Depending on social distancing requirements, you may not need that stunning ballroom or large drinks reception space that you had wanted. Many venues have alternate smaller function rooms that are just as beautiful as the main function room.

Don't forget that as your number has fallen this will leave a little room in the budget for other things such as decor, florals etc. Really create something special by dressing the smaller space. There may have been those floral centrepieces that you had fallen in love with but, couldn't fit into your budget with the larger wedding. Think about ambient lighting such as candles etc. You can either hire or (if you are a savvy shopper) source items such as hurricane lanterns and candle votives to dress your tables. Also, do not forget to utilise the decor provided by the venue as many have lanterns, candleabras and such to dress your room.

The main thing is to talk with your vendors and really use their expertise in how to approach this new way of celebrating weddings. They will be able to guide you to ensure your day is amazing.

Image by Broken Spoon Cakes

First Comes Love, Then Comes Cake!

Even a small cake can make a statement. From a single tier to smaller two tier cake to cupcakes, there are many ways you can create a beautiful centrepiece display.

Think about where you want to display your cake. Don't just pop it in the corner, really make it a feature in the room or maybe display it at the drinks reception in a glorious lobby area or on that fabulous statement table. Your cake designer will be able to guide you to get the most from your display, so definitely pick their brains for ideas!

One last thing, remember your day is something you celebrate with your family and friends. When they are with you, wherever it may be, your day will be great. And don't forget, you have each other xxx

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