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Wedding Cake Trends For 2018

New Year, new trends. I have been busy putting together my top picks for wedding cake trends destined to adorn the fabulous wedding days in 2018. There are so many to choose from but, I have chosen some of my favourites and also trends, that my wonderful couples have loved for their wedding cakes in 2018.

Broken Spoon Cakes | Wedding Cake Trends 2018


Fabulous metallics such as copper and gold are truly dazzling on any cake. It is no surprise then that they are such obvious choices for incorporating into the centrepiece wedding cake. They can be used with fondant or with buttercream to produce a gilded finish. To create even more of a wow factor they can also be used to cover entire tiers, to pick up all that wonderful natural light.

Broken Spoon Cakes | Copper & Lustre Wedding Cake | Image by Portraits by Patrick

Cake by Cloud 9 Bakery


Given that the Pantone Colour for 2018 is Ultra Violet, yes..Ultra Violet, it is no surprise that 2018 is the year for vibrant colours. Those beautiful pastel colour palettes are going to be invaded by rich gorgeous colours such as luscious burgundies and bold blues. The wedding florals is a fabulous way of bringing in these vibrant colours. Add fluffy blooms to that and you have a stunning look.

Broken Spoon Cakes | Winters Colour Wedding Cake
Stunning Dahlia's By Bumblebee Flower Farm


Hand-painted Cakes can be quite spectacular for your design. This is where you can really make a unique statement with your wedding cake. Special moments can be captured, inspirations from nature, even your wedding stationery can be captured on your centrepiece. There are endless possibilities and can be mixed with 3D elements such as florals to make it pop even more.

Broken Spoon Cakes | Blossom & Pearl Wedding Cake | Image by Into The Light Fine Art Photography

Broken Spoon Cakes | Untamed Love Wedding Cake | Image by Portraits By Patrick


Semi-naked wedding cakes teamed with chocolate or caramel drip are once again proving very popular. The simplicity of this design is given a little bit of wow with the addition of drip and is a match made in heaven when combined with fresh florals and fruits. Gorgeous!

Broken Spoon Cakes | Sweet Burgundy Rose Wedding Cakes

Tome Cakes | Caramel Drip Cake | Image by Matt o'Brien


Rustic buttercream finishes are still very much on the cakespiration for brides. Structured Contour finishes to informal Stucco rustic finish are still very popular for 2018. The stars of the show here are the exciting florals, be it fresh or sugar, that make the cake come alive and are a delight to the eye.

Broken Spoon Cakes | Rustic Buttercream Beauty Wedding Cake | Image by Magda Lukas Photography


A very sleek, contemporary and elegant choice for your wedding is the gorgeous geometric designs. This is such a versatile concept and can be combined with marble effect, metallics, florals..the possibilities are endless. They also bring an element of art and design to the cake with the beautiful straight lines.

Sweet Architect | Geometric Cake

Hey There Cupcake | Geometric Cake


Dessert Tables world wide from Australia to the U.S. are a big hit and definitely allow for a wider variety of ways to treat your guests to something sweet. They can have two of more cakes, a large centrepiece wedding cake with cupcakes falling at it’s heals, macaroon towers with tiered cakes, chocolate covered strawberry towers, cupcakes and delicious biscuits. The list goes on. If you love cake and all things sweet then this is a fab option !

Hansel & Gretel Speciality Cakes | Dessert Table | Image by Just For Love Photography & Film


Couture Bridal Inspiration is one of my favourites. Broken Spoon Cakes will be making additions to the 2018 collection with a selection of couture bridal inspired wedding cake designs. I just love wedding dresses, who doesn’t and I am obsessed, and I mean obsessed, with transferring design elements from bridal dresses to cake. I am currently working on expanding the collection so, I'll keep you all posted.

Broken Spoon Cakes | Bridal Couture Collection


Another thing I am absolutely in love with is using black on cake. It is so dramatic and can be brought into summer designs with the use of beautiful fresh vibrant flowers and foliage. Of course it is just magical with rich warm colours such as burgundies and fuschia pinks, not to forget gold leaf accents...fabulous!

Broken Spoon Cakes | Summer's Midnight Cake

Cake by Cupcakes & Counting

So much choice... what is your favourite? I love them all. Enjoy the 'cakespiration' and remember to keep calm and love your wedding cake! Tara xx

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