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2017, A Year In Cake

So, 2017 is drawing to a close. Let's see what happened in the little world of Broken Spoon Cakes and where can we give thanks.

It is such a pleasure that we cake decorators get, to be part of , in some small way, the wonderful occasions in peoples lives. The Broken Spoon Cakes kitchen got the opportunity in 2017 to make some amazing birthday cakes and create beautiful centrepiece wedding cakes.

I can only be so thankful to those who entrusted me with creating these cakes for such important milestones in their lives and to those couples who put their faith in me here at home in Ireland and from far away as Australia, America and Dubai, to create their all important wedding cakes.

One of the best parts of being a cake designer is the opportunity to meet amazing couples to chat wedding cakes or those friends and family members who go to the trouble of ordering a birthday cake that means so much more.

Thank you to those who took the time during 2017 to send me wonderful compliments on their cakes. So much time and work goes into each one and I cannot tell you how much it means to hear those lovely words.

With weddings you get the opportunity to visit some amazing venues and meet their fabulous staff and this year, I did just that.

2017 brought with it a chance to make new connections with wonderful suppliers in the industry and, of course, other cakers :) This is invaluable to any business, especially a new business like Broken Spoon Cakes. I cannot wait to continue working with these fabulous vendors in 2018.

2017 saw Broken Spoon Cakes being invited to attend the wedding open day at the stunning Gloster House in Offaly. Definitely a very special day!

Our Copper & Lustre Wedding Cake was featured in the Winter Issue of Ireland's Wedding Journal, an absolute honour for a small business like mine to get one of my designs in one of Irelands leading bridal magazines.

The world renowned Guinness, acknowledging and liking, our Guinness Pint Cake ....yes, I know, fab :) The cake itself was also Guinness Chocolate Cake of my favourites and I'm a coeliac!

A small little goal of mine was to make a Harry Potter Cake and this year I finally got the chance to create one. I must say I am a big Harry Potter fan so, I was thrilled with how this cake turned out :)

The chance to create is all down to my customers so, thank you once again for allowing Broken Spoon Cakes to be part of your wonderful occasions.

2018 is booking up already and it is proving to be a busy year. Keep an eye out for my new 2018 wedding cake collection, I'll be keeping you all posted.Cannot wait to get started. Happy New Year everyone and remember to keep calm & eat cake! xx

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