• Tara Menzies

Keep Calm & Launch the Website!

The launch of the Broken Spoon Cakes website is here. This is a very exciting time for my fledgling business. A great deal of hard work and long hours have gone into the creation of Broken Spoon Cakes and I cannot tell you all how proud I am to reveal my website to the world.

All good things come in small packages, so the 'launch party' consists of, yes you guessed it, just me, a cuppa and, of course, a cake.

I will, from time to time, update you on little projects I will be working on, any exciting news about Broken Spoon Cakes and I definitely won't forget about the all important, Cake!

I hope you like the website as much as I do and don't forget to visit Broken Spoon Cakes on social media.

I'll be seeing you again soon so, don't go too far. Tara xx

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